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Paranormal Romances

Chasing Savannah

Two new alphas in town spelled danger for her family, but, they tempted her...excited her. Would she put the pride in danger to have them?


Hers to Call

She needed a place to heal. In his arms, she found so much more.


Destiny Series

After centuries of searching, a disbanded tribe , punishedby the goddess they worshipped, finally find the amulet that will restore theirpower. Finding the descendants of the long lost Aje tribe and the women chosento lead them is fraught with peril, and dare they


Haven Series

For these three brothers, protecting the Earth was their duty, and they did so diligently, keeping the Havens that hid supernatural creatures from the rest of the world, functioning and safe. They didn't have time for mates, but Fate has other ideas. Who better to protect the only women that stand between the safety of the Earth and an ancient evil?


The Georgia Arcana Series

The Fouche women were blessed with magic, not so much in love. If they could solve a murder, break a curse and secure their family's legacy, then...just maybe that could change.  



The Friend Contract

They agreed to a fake marriage, but they needed boundaries...a contract to keep careful control of the lust flaring between them.

The Alpha's Affair

How to keep an affair with an alpha bear a secret? Especially one bound and determined to make what was supposed to be a temporary thing, very permanent.  

The Knight Brothers

Their family ruled Eastfield, with no small amount of enemies...

They would do anything to keep the women they loved safe.


Short Stories

Step one of claiming a mate...apply pressure.

The day is for lovers...the night is for making impulsive decisions.

He only had one night to convince her...



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