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It was said that the Fouche curse never missed. From a few great greats back all the way forward to the present generation, heartbreak awaited each and every woman in Nicole Oliver's family. From her point of view love didn’t last and hadn’t proved worth the effort, so escaping the curse would be easy enough. Besides, she would be too busy solving a murder to even think about love. 

Jeremiah, JT, Taylor was the leader of the local motorcycle gang and alpha of the Taylor wolf pack. Nothing magical moved down highway 95 unless he knew about...and got his cut.  His pack’s reputation was well-earned and far reaching. He took the death of a practitioner on his territory personal and he had planned to find the murderer with or without Nicole’s help. 

As they work together to solve her grandmother's murder, one too many attempts on JT's life makes them question if the curse has finally caught up with its latest victim, or if there is something more sinister at play.   

Magic in the Moonlight

Audrey Marks could admit that an impulsive marriage to a dangerous warlock wasn’t a good idea. She’d learned her street savvy at an early age, and wasn’t much that could put fear in her…except the feelings developing for her new and not exactly legit husband.
It should’ve been a relief when she discovered his betrayal, it certainly gave her a reason to run. But, she was coming to find out that there were two things she couldn’t escape: her family’s curse…and Israel DeLeon.

Israel DeLeon is a warlock, and though he wouldn’t necessarily call himself evil, others would probably disagree. He had never cared one way or the other about it…until he met her.
His intentions with Audrey hadn't always been pure…but, she’d promised herself to him and he would make her keep that promise.
Getting her to trust him again would be an uphill battle. But, he knew what she wanted above everything: a chance to free her family from the curse that had plagued them. Could he convince her to accept his help?

After all, the best magic his performed together…under the moonlight.


Fire in the Moonlight

Two things Vanessa Fouche took seriously: her family...and avoiding any involvement with the police. That included the very sexy and charming sheriff of Springbrook.

Two things Joseph Taylor the Third took very seriously: keeping Springbrook and its inhabitants safe... and making Vanessa Fouche his. She was stubborn, but his wolf had decided and he ain't never shied away from a challenge.

The sins of her past were coming back to haunt her entire family. The curse over the Fouche family was finally broken, but Vanessa Fouche couldn’t settle down, not with danger still hanging over her family.

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