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Simon Jacobs, alpha of Clarke County, Georgia, spent his days on his ranch tending to his animals walking on four legs and keeping the ones on two legs out of trouble and off the government’s radar. Despite his family’s heritage he didn’t quite believe in destiny or fated mates. One glance at Calita and all that changed, but the hurt in her gaze gave him pause.

Calita Wright moved to Bear Ridge, Georgia to escape an abusive relationship. She hoped the shifter run town would give her space and time to heal. The one thing she was not looking for was a relationship, but one glance from Simon had her reconsidering.

She needed a place to heal. In his arms she found so much more. Simon’s offer to her was more than tempting. He was granting her complete control. The sex was the easy part, but could he convince her to stay? As Simon works to convince Calita that she belongs to him, there is someone working twice as hard to drive her out of his arms and out of town.

Content Warning: Has mention of domestic abuse. No abuse on page. 

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