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The Knight Brothers

To Her Rescue

Celine Harris’ inheritance hinged on one tiny detail. She needed to marry. Her father will do anything to get access to that money, include marrying her off to the highest bidder. She didn’t expect the shifter she’d been secretly crushing on to step up…

Mason Knight was building an empire. That took time, and nearly all his effort. He didn’t have time for dating, nevermind marriage. But…it’s Celine and he nor his panther wanted to let her slip through his fingers.

Celine thought she could breath easier with Mason coming to her rescue, but money and family never mixed…and she was about to find out the hard way. 

For Her Safety

For six years Silas Knight has been focused only one thing: finding his daughter. He didn’t have time for relationships, and he certainly wasn't looking for a mate. But see… fate was a tricky thing. The one thing he’d been avoiding was the one thing he would have to do to keep his daughter with him.

Mila Meyers has been focused on only one thing for the past four years: keeping her daughter safe. She was a widower, so relationships were the last thing on her mind. But then she ran, quite literally, into a man…or rather shifter who would change all of that.

The solution to both their problems lay in each other. Could they put ego and mistrust aside to do what was best for the child? Especially with the threat of old enemies looming…

For Her Protection

Julissa Crespo has moved through the Motsi society her whole life; her family was one of its founding members. Between overprotective brothers and a powerful father she feared mating for love was out of her reach. 

Until him. 

She and her bear were in complete agreement that he was theirs, they just needed the opportunity…

Rocco Jamison didn’t see mating for himself. He didn’t want to saddle someone else with his baggage. The Knights were the only family he needed, and he was content with that.

Until her.

He gets assigned to her protection detail, and their close proximity has him reevaluating the life he'd planned for himself.

For Her Peace

Deena Hines had her life together…finally. She’d bought her own home and had a thriving business with her best friend. A mate had not been in her plans, but Julian was making it hard to resist him. She was wary of mating with such a powerful man. But she was in danger, and she would only trust him to protect her…

Success was becoming routine for Julian Chase. Everything was going according to his plans...except his very stubborn mate. From the first glance of Deena, he’d switched up everything to prepare for her. She belonged with him, and he thought they would fall into place. He thought he could give her time, but when danger stalked Deena, putting their mating aside was no longer an option.

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